Update on the Project-”Sustainable Solutions To Fight Against Child Labour In Home-Based Craft Sector”

Sustainable Solutions To Fight Against Child Labour In Home-Based Craft Sector

 New Delhi: The Evaluation Process for the Project “Sustainable Solutions in the fight against child labour in home-based craft production” took place in the month of January, 2015. A team of evaluators reached Delhi on 09th January 2015 and met with the project partners.

Mr Srisendhu Ghos, Mr Chanchal Sinha and Ms Shaswati — were the evaluators who came to monitor the output received from this project. The team of the evaluators visited 13 Learning Centres, across Delhi and Ferojabad and Moradabad, UP. The Project has been supported by European Union and implemented by Traidcraft (TX), Fair Trade Forum India (FTFI) and Centre for Education and Communication (CEC).

The objective of the project has been to ensure the rights and development of children working in the home-based crafts sector in India. An effective model for addressing the issues, has been developed, which gained support of key stakeholders to ensure the implementation of this model.

The project which has a total duration of 3 years, ended on 31st January 2015.Sustainable Solutions To Fight Against Child Labour In Home-Based Craft Sector

The project became the supporting bridge schools, sensitising the community, mainstreaming children to formal schools, developing training for instructors, introducing vocational training courses, and forming groups of youth for community mobilisation and outreach to public services. The implementation of the model with the learning centres has been supported well by the producer organisations.

In addition, advocacy with Government to improve policy is also taken up. Advocacy activities have been carried out at different levels – local, district and national. Four briefing papers focussing on specific themes including: (i) CLPRA and Craft Sector, (ii) RTE and Vocational Training, (iii) Health and Social Welfare; and (iv)Wages and Supply Chain have been developed which were also examined.

Sustainable Solutions To Fight Against Child Labour In Home-Based Craft Sector

FTF-I gives a special thanks to the partner organisations TraidCraft and CEC for their constant support and great coordination while implementing this project on the field.

And without forgetting the mention of three field coordinators, Mr Dori Lal, Mr Subrat Kumar Swain and Mr Anurag Dass Mathur, withour their support and hard work this project could not have been completed, said Mr Mallik Iytha.

A debriefing meeting was also conducted on 31st January, 2015, by the evaluator team with project partners.


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