Two day workshop on Fair Trade Compliance and Monitoring System was conducted – 05th February to 06th February, 2015

New Delhi: Two day workshop on Fair Trade Compliance and Monitoring System was conducted by Sasha on 05th and 06th February, 2015. The workshop started with a brief round of introductions and expectations of participants from the workshop, in three groups. Mr Ram Bhat presented the proposed Objectives and highlighted which of the expectations could be covered.

The aim was to familiarise participants with the Fair Trade principles and identify how to develop appropriate criteria and monitoring methods. Support is a three year project on strengthening and scaling up Fair Trade enterprises through specific inputs and technical assistance and generic support services. It envisages to impart need based business development and capacity building support services to selected FTF-I member organisations, through various interventions under this project, keeping in mind 3-year business objectives of these selected organisations.

In addition this project will offer generic services on business development, supply chain management system and trade related information for all FTF-I member organisations. Sarba Shanti Ayog (SSA) – the development organisation of Sasha, is the project holder. SSA along with consultants, designers and resource agencies will carry out the implementation of the project. Fair Trade Forum – India, the country network, will facilitate the selection of enterprises and other processes as required.

Fair Trade Forum – India participated in the workshop with other participants from different member organizations like Kala Aprajita, MESH, TARA, PardadaPardadi, Usha Exim, FTCI, SIPA, JKSMS.

As part of the project, SSA is holding two workshops one in Delhi and one in Kolkata, as an orientation program for selected Fair Trade organisations, on Fair Trade compliance and Monitoring System. Every participant present in the workshop explained their point of view and understanding about the fair trade and its working.


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