Workshop on Inclusive Employment and World Vision

MESH: Jacky Bonney, The Executive Secretary of MESH attended two programmes which focused on disability. Organisations AADI arranged a workshop on inclusive employment and World Vision with Carers Worldwide organised a one day seminar on caring for caretakers. In both events MESH was able to bring Fair Trade to the table along with the larger discussions.

Mr. Mathew from MESH was a panelist at a session conducted by NGO Connect especially to discuss social enterprises. He was able to share details of how Fair trade has enabled MESH to maintain good markets for products made by people with disabilities or affected by leprosy. MESH is also linking up with a Swedish development organisation IM Soir, Sarba Shanti Ayog, Fair Trade Nepal Group and an umbrella group of Tibetan producers for expansion and capacity building in the coming three years. The first group meeting took place in Kolkata in the middle of November. The networking and Fair trade initiatives will impact down through the supply chain of all our members.


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