Workshops conducted by WFTO and FTF-India

WFTO Asia and Fair Trade Forum India conducted three workshops at Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. Host member organizations of the workshops were The Ants (Bangalore), TARA Projects (DELHI) and EMA (Kolkata).

Elise Hawley and Christine Gent were trainers from WFTO Asia along with FTF-I Board members facilitated sessions. WFTO-Asia and FTFI were able to work together and discuss a more collaborative future. For example, how we will exchange information about applicants from either organization, said Elise.

Elise attended Workshops in three cities in India.  WFTO-Asia held four Guarantee System workshops. The Bangalore workshop, hosted by the Ants had good turnout. Over two days, 24th & 25th February, there were 46 people in attendance and 11 WFTO members participated. The next workshop held was in partnership with FTFI on 3rd March 2015. Hosted by Tara many of the attendees were potential WFTO members and existing members. There were 10 FTFI members and 5 FTF-I & WFTO members with a total no of 27 participants. The last workshop was held by Christine at EMA in Kolkata 7th March 2015.  There were eight WFTO/ FTF-I members with a total no 20 (approx) participants.

Elise got involved in FTF-I activities and events like participation in a Fair Trade Forum India event called Women for Women Campaign. Elise also worked for the FTF-I entry audit with the applicant Eliana Crafts Jaipur . This entry audit was conducted by Manisha Jani.

Throughout this time Elise also met with additional partners working in the field including Fair Trade India, Swiss Net, All India Artisan and Craft worker Welfare. In the visit to India, Elise and team had communication with all 47 India members. Overall it was a good visit with many learning’s.


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