Change Agents !

Agent for Change

Ms. Jacky J. Bonney Executive Secretary, MESH I am a nurse by profession and was working in a leprosy colony in India in Guntur District A.P. in the early 1980’s trying to treat men and women with the wonderful leprosy treatment newly available at that time. One of the women we were looking after was taking the medicines but not… Continue reading Agent for Change


Entry Auditors’ Workshop !!

In an effort to streamline and update the process of Entry Audit for interested enterprises in joining the Fair Trade Movement, FTF-India is involved in refining the Entry Audit system and impaneling Entry Auditors, based on Orientation training. With Fair Trade Guarantee system becoming mandatory for all the WFTO members, the Entry audit process is becoming more… Continue reading Entry Auditors’ Workshop !!


Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs in International Business

New Delhi: A workshop on “Empowerment of Women Enterprises in International Business” was organised by Federation of the Indian Export Organisation (FIEO) at Niryat Bhawan, New Delhi on April 22, 2015. Mr O P Yadav, Ms Amy Mookerji and Ms Sadhna participated in the workshop and represented Fair Trade Forum India. FTFI member organisations Jan… Continue reading Empowerment of Women Entrepreneurs in International Business


Indian members re-elected as Director in WFTO

We are proud to announce that in WFTO election 2015 two of Fair Trade pioneers Ms Roopa Mehta and Mr Johny Joseph were re elected as Director. Ms Roopa Mehta is the CEO of Sasha Association for Craft Producers (Sasha). Sasha is a not for profit organization working with more than hundred artisans and craft… Continue reading Indian members re-elected as Director in WFTO


Awareness of Fair Trade Among Youth

President of Fair Trade Forum India, Mr Mallikarjuna Iytha was invited to Institute of Fashion Technology, M. S. University of Baroda to talk on “Fair Trade Practices” in its National Seminar on “Envisaging Futures For Textile and Apparel Industry” on 05th April, 2015. He also resided as the chief guest for valedictory function. Mr Mallikarjuna spoke… Continue reading Awareness of Fair Trade Among Youth


Fair Trade Guarantee System and Indian Members

Fair Trade Guarantee System adheres to the goals of Fair Trade.  Fair Trade delivers sustainable livelihoods and economy which helps small producers and Fair Trade Organisations to escape from marginalization and poverty. WFTO and its members believe that while trading we should also work for the people and environment. The Ten Principles of Fair Trade… Continue reading Fair Trade Guarantee System and Indian Members

Activities · Interns

Interns at FTFI

FTFI supports and encourages young talent to join hands with Fair Trade, most of the time we get the opportunity to utilize young talent for promotion of Fair Trade. Two interns have joined in the month of April, 2015 This time we are proud to announce that Ms Bagisha Suman, a PhD scholar from Jawaharlal Nehru… Continue reading Interns at FTFI

New Members

Welcome to New Members

Fair Trade Forum India welcomes its new members. Terra Indica Mission of the Terra Indica is to develop niche skills such as carpentry, carving, painting, driving, cane weaving and also of Auto CAD, office management, design techniques etc. Terra Indica is located in Kolkata. The foundation has been set for destitute adolescent and young adults to train, develop… Continue reading Welcome to New Members


Workshop on FTGS, 24th-25th Feb 2015 at The Ants, Bangalore

Bangalore: Fair Trade Forum-India (FTF-I) and WFTO-Asia organised a Workshop on Fair Trade Guarantee System in Bangalore at The Ants office from 24th-25th Feb 2015. The workshop provided a space to support both renewing and interested Fair Trade Organizations to learn about implementing Fair Trade on the ground, helping new applicant members to understand the benefits… Continue reading Workshop on FTGS, 24th-25th Feb 2015 at The Ants, Bangalore