SETU organizes social development activities in the community

On the International Workers’ Day on 01st May, 2015, SETU-The Bridge to The Artisans organized a workshop to make the artisans aware about the concept of labour day and their rights. SETU observed the occasion with the purpose to spread awareness among artisans. The workshop covered wage regulation, working hours, health and safety, pension and insurance of the workers. More than 20 women participants attended the workshop.

setu pic

SETU keep their artisans updated with skills. Focusing skill up gradation in mind SETU organized a workshop for the artisans to inculcate skills, encouraging the young artisans to practice ancestral art form, to develop marketable products and designs to ensure long term sustainable livelihood and improve the quality of work. setu trainingSETU, also runs educational activities to bring change in the community. Literacy program has been started for the tassel & jewelry making women artisans & their families. A total of 30 participants including women artisans, school dropout girls and children enrolled for the classes. With a purpose of sustainable artisans development, SETU took this initiate. SETU-The Bridge To Artisans is an exporter and wholesaler of Fair Trade, handmade products from India.

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