EARTH DAY celebration at Sasha Shop

Green Tokri, BEEJ and Organic Mandi partnered with Sasha celebrated Earth Day.

A natural colour Dye workshop was conducted for a very enthusiastic group of school kids and visitors at the shop of Sasha. They were made familiar with the process of natural products such as saffron and turmeric. It was a high fun and learning quotient for the participants.


Earth Day Celebration at Sasha, Kolkata

Traditional folk art of rural Bengal, Patachitra attracted a lot of crowd. A Patachitra artist from Purulia conducted the workshop. This has been the chief form of entertainment in villages; Patachitra involves a combination of storytelling, singing and painting. Together they took the message of GOING GREEN forward. Green Tokri, BEEJ and Organic Mandi partnered with us to showcase their farm fresh products and oils.

Earth Day Network joined hands with Sasha and brought together like minded people in an effort to create awareness. Films and documentaries on environment were screened and children present shared their views on how to apply the learning.


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