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Courtsey: Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark, an international export organization, which make products of varied quality, also takes a step forward in providing clean water to 3-7 artisan families every year with the project named: Pyas. Families are selected for this project after checking the quality of water in their vicinity. Main source of water supply in rural areas are mostly natural sources with constrained access. Noah’s Ark installs a motor instead to give free and continuous supply of water to the household. Which further stores water in the tank and if water is not of satisfactory quality then they starts a fresh installation. All the fitting, water filter, tank, motor and expert plumbers are provided by Noah’s Ark. There is no water supply in the village and in the city the water is supplied hardly for 4 hours in a day. Therefore Noah’s Ark crafted this program to help the artisans and their families with the essential need of water.

It has been 5 years that Noah’s Ark is on the spree of making sure that the artisan community start getting easy and clean water. With all the slow and steady process Noah’s Ark is able to provide 100 water filters and install water arrangements to 20 houses with many families living in them. Each water arrangement costs about US $300 and cost of water filter is US $51. This year artisans named Arshad, Arvind, Brijpal, Kamal and Sanyogita are provided the water arrangements under this project.


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