MESH organizes training session

Maximising Employment to Serve Handicapped supplier group in Delhi had a week long product demo training session. Well Paper and Trash to Cash, learned a new way of making paper mache products

Mesh organized a design workshop in one of their supplier groups, Pagir, Leh, Ladakh.  Three women from there went to Well Paper in Auroville last year with their designer and now their trainer has gone with the designer to Leh to work with them.  Pagir runs a small business selling products made from recycled rubbish. The same artist from Well Paper also conducted a week long session with Trash To Cash, another MESH supplier here in Delhi, together they learned a new way of making paper mache products.  It is planned that Trash to Cash will make a visit to Well Paper Auroville later in the year to exchange ideas.

A survey was also conducted on livelihood among MESH supplier groups to compare data against the baseline survey in 2011 and provided data to measure performance in the coming years.

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