Workshop on FTGS, 24th-25th Feb 2015 at The Ants, Bangalore

Bangalore: Fair Trade Forum-India (FTF-I) and WFTO-Asia organised a Workshop on Fair Trade Guarantee System in Bangalore at The Ants office from 24th-25th Feb 2015. The workshop provided a space to support both renewing and interested Fair Trade Organizations to learn about implementing Fair Trade on the ground, helping new applicant members to understand the benefits of Fair Trade and to enable an interactive space for existing members to bring questions for clarification and understanding the Fair Trade Guarantee System. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Christne Gent, Executive Director-WFTO-Asia. She is a senior Fair Trade professional, who is an expert in training product suppliers on product development, production planning, quality and business management issues. She was assisted by Ms. Elise Hawley, Sustainability Coordinator, WFTO-Asia. She is an expert in international and social development and is passionate to work for Fair Trade. This was a very good opportunity for existing and potential members to understand about the global Fair Trade Guarantee System.


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