Fair Trade Guarantee System and Indian Members

Fair Trade Guarantee System adheres to the goals of Fair Trade.  Fair Trade delivers sustainable livelihoods and economy which helps small producers and Fair Trade Organisations to escape from marginalization and poverty.

WFTO and its members believe that while trading we should also work for the people and environment. The Ten Principles of Fair Trade are the fundamental philosophies by WFTO members to guide their practices and a way to fight against injustices and discrimination.

WFTO Guarantee System is the proof of credibility. It is a recognition scheme in the international market. Guarantee System has five major components: new membership admission procedure, Self Assessment Report Monitoring Audit, Peer Visit and Fair Trade Accountability Watch. The FTAW participate monitoring mechanism that allows the public to report compliance issues regarding Fair Trade Organisation. The GS was approved and implemented by the WFTO Membership in 2013.

The GS presents the accountability and development tool for the organizations. WFTO says, members who pass the GS process attain the ‘Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation’ status and may use the WFTO Label on their products. We are proud to announce that Fair Trade Forum India members have cleared the process of GS.

These Indian members have gone through the process of checking and can start using the new WFTO Product Label on their products and attain the status of ‘Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation’.

These are FTFI members who can use WFTO Product Label:

Asha Handicrafts Association


Creative Handicrafts

CRC Exports Private Limited

Pushpanjali Fair Trade



TARA Projects.


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