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Fair Trade Forum India welcomes its new members.

Terra Indica

Mission of the Terra Indica is to develop niche skills such as carpentry, carving, painting, driving, cane weaving and also of Auto CAD, office management, design techniques etc. Terra IndicaTerra Indica is located in Kolkata. The foundation has been set for destitute adolescent and young adults to train, develop and create sustainable employability. Terra Indica also provides educational support to beneficiaries to attend school/college in local institution, as well as their vocational training.


AHARAM TRADITIONAL Crop Producer Company limited is producer owned company, practicing Fair Trade with marginalized and downtrodden rural artisans for their economical and social uplifment.

aharam ahram

Ahram 6

AHARAM TCPCL Handloom Weaving unit is situated in G. Kallupatti village, a foot hill of Kodaikanal village. Promoting organic cotton and conventional cotton, AHARAM Traditional Crop is producing handloom products such as: bedding, kitchen accessories, baby products etc.

It provides continuous employment opportunity to the rural artisans’ especially poor and needy people to become self reliance with social respect.

Upasana Design Studio

Upasana design studio designs the cloths using traditional Indian Textiles. Upasana sees India as a place which still carries a strong cultural communication through its traditional textiles. Upasana Design Studio Upasana is providing employment to rural women living on the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu through employment in Upasansa. Upasana also ensures No Child Labour is involved in the production. It fully complies with the Ten Fair Trade Principles. It is situated in at Auroshilpam, Tamil Nadu. Upasana is involved in many other social development activities.


Baladarshan, is a member of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Baladarshan working women

Created to promote and market, quality handicrafts made by disadvantaged people, trained and employed by social organization in South India. Baladarshan collaborates only with partners respecting Fair Trade Principles.



Baladarshan is a network of South Indian social organizations involving particularly with disadvantaged women in craft production. Baladarshan focuses on the development and improvement in the life of women living in Slum areas of Chennai.


AURONATURE brings you NATURE Herbal Handmade Soaps, handloom weaving projects in traditional Indian weaving techniques and create a new sustainable approach to the whole issue of ecology in the textile field.

Soap Production at Auro Nature

Soap Production at Auro Nature 1


Soap Production

AURONATURE also provides different varieties of bed spread, baby Hammocks, Sitting Hammocks and Sleeping Hammocks in different sizes.


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