New Pattarai for Artisans

Pattarai, is a training and creating centre which has three major sections – Carpentry, Metal & Masonry and electrical-electronic plumbing section. Pattarai, in Tamil means, artisans’s working place. Keystone Foundation, Tamil Nadu, won the award for outstanding contribution in the field of Science and Technology for Rural Development. Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation supported and funded the construction place for artisans.

Pattarai Key Stone Pic

The unit is equipped with multi functioning wood work machine machine with numerous functions. This unit will work on production and training of making bee hives, wooden packing items, designing various displays etc. The metal work sect ion is to handle honey equipment, driers, filters, pre- fabricated alternative construction items and water harvest-purification-storage systems. The electrical and electronic section is to train and work on assembling of solar light & energy equipment, repairing of water pumping and solar-electric fencing equipment for crop protection.


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