Training for the team of Radio Kotagiri

We are happy to announce that Keystone Foundation runs a Community Radio, ‘Radio Kotagiri’, has got the project from Indeosync Media Combine, based in Delhi. The project FREE/DEM is about democracy, local government, transparency, accountability and Right to Information Act.

Nitesh Anand from Idesync Media Combine conducted three days training for the team and volunteers of Kotagiri Radio. This training was conducted from 17th June 2015 to 20th June 2015.

Radio Kotagiri Key stone picture

Radio jockeys from Radio Kotagiri 90.4 FM attended FREE/DEM trainings in Hyderabad and Haryana. Through this project they will be doing survey with the first time voters and interviews of government officials about democracy, election process, Panchayati Raj etc. This project will be very helpful learning exercise for the project team. This is a three month for three months and team will also be preparing and submitting related documents to the Ideosync Media Combine.


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