Fair Trade Travelogue

Visit to Fair Trade Member Organisation

Ms Jessica visited West Bengal in the month of June where she spent quality time interacting with few FTF-I members in Kolkata- AIM, Kadam Haat, CRC Exports and Sasha with the purpose of conducting a research and getting to know more about the programs conducted by the different organisations.

She also had a wonderful time of interaction with two Fair Trade Change Agents – Ms. Irani Sen from CRC and Ms Roopa Mehta from Sasha. She also got the opportunity to meet an associate member Mr. Satyabrata Roy Bardhan (Dada), whose trajectory in the field of Fair Trade is utterly inspiring and interesting.

Jessica visit Kadam Haat

Meeting with Dada (Satyabrata) June Newsletter 2015

Apart from the visits, Jessica also conducted a training on ‘Branding for Small Entrepreneurs’ for producer groups of AIM, with the objective of creating Brands for their business and that way helped them to boost sales and approach new customers. The training was also prepared for the staff of Kadam Haat, but it was more focused on the corporate brand rather than the individual producer’s brands.

Jessica is assisting FTF-I Communications team in data collection for Annual Report 2014-15 and FTSR and in design and communication work.


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