Workshop on Eradication of Child Labour and protection of Child Rights

On World Day against Child Labour, SETU-The Bridge to The Artisan organised workshop for the artisans in New Delhi. The purpose of the workshop was to educate the artisans about the protection of child rights and laws associated with it. World Day against Child Labour is celebrated on June 12 every year.

SETU workshop Chil labour eradication

SETU follows the Ten Principles of Fair Trade and no child labour is involved in the organisation. Most of the artisans are already aware about rights of children. The workshop acts like a reminder and freshen up exercise in spreading more awareness for old and new artisans.

SETU Child labour workshop

Artisans were made aware about the importance of child education and should not be compromised under any circumstances. SETU team also presented the fact that many industries are still engaging child labour in order to get the desired results at cheap rates. They do not even give adequate amount to the children involved in the labouring at their organisation/industry. These children deprive from school from getting basic education and losses their bright future in the darkness of work.

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