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Change Agent !

Chinny Swamy, working for the betterment in community at Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti, Dehradun.


She is 70 years old, her snow white shinning hair adds the charm of the experience in her personality. After watching her work a new things came in mind: beauty not only lies in the eyes but in the ‘hands’ also.


Women of Purkal village and nearby area participate in many exhibitions all around India and present their skills to the market.


Hands of the rural women are creating very beautiful quilts, handbags, jackets, purse, laptop bags and list goes on which easily attracts people to buy their products.


Ms Chinni Swamy, should be thanked for this entire project, as she is the one who passes the designs, colour combination, fabric for the product and everything from thread to the complete product, she is with these women, supporting them, elaborating them every smallest detail of the output and this effort leads to the best of the products in the market. She polishes the little known skill of women in stitching. This initiative was started with one woman incidentally and now Chinniji is empowering hundreds of women.

Many families in the area lack basic education and skills, and suffer from various cultural and social problems which keep them locked in a continuous cycle of poverty. An effective solution to this problem lies is the upliftment of women. Therefore they believe that educating and empowering the females from rural background can act as a catalyst in raising them and their families out of the vicious trap of poverty. The organization was established to address these concerns and enhances the opportunities available to this community. As the women bring money home very month they command better respect in their families and this has impacted heir confidence level positively. Besides the financial stability and the consequent position in the society, Chinniji prides herself for creating a community where women gain moral support and a have sense of belonging with the other members.

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