Fair Trade Status Report

We are glad to share that FTF-I is bringing first of its kind report on Fair Trade Status in India. With the emergence of Fair Trade in India FTF-I is bringing this paper in support of Fair Trade.The purpose of Fair Trade Status Report is to collect the need and assessment of Fair Trade Status in India as well as the importance of adopting Fair Trade system. The objective of this report would be to promote Fair Trade and share the innovative experiences with the world. Our aim for this publication is to provide a voice and recognition to Fair Trade in India and in international level. This publication is going to be a great advocacy and marketing tool to channelize the attention of policy makers and influencers towards Fair Trade as a powerful tool for social justice and poverty alleviation.

The objective of publishing this report is to gather strong public, political and financial commitment and support for Fair Trade initiatives at the national & international level.

This paper details the history of key policy events that leads to the future of Fair Trade in India and experiences of Fair Trade across globe.

FTF-I would like to share this information with all our stakeholders and masses. We further invite contribution from your side as well. We would welcome our members and associates to join hands with us and support us for this sole initiative of FTF-I. It will be a short and simple collection of stories, ideas and experiences to understand the values of Fair Trade. We encourage you all to share your inputs/ideas/ suggestions and experiences with Fair Trade.

There are many things that can still be done to spread information about Fair Trade.  It is just the beginning !

This project is partly supported by Hivos, the Netherlands.

You can write to us at


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