Radio Kotagiri by Keystone Foundation

In a world being shaken up by knowledge explosion, it is ironical to find millions of people victimized of hunger, illiteracy, ignorance, gaps in communication and the resultant powerlessness. Information Technology including radio in the form of Community Radio Station, now allowed by the Government of India to Universities/Institutes/NGO’s, promises unlimited opportunities to the disadvantages millions in our country to realize their potentials and attain a brighter future.

In partnership with Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, under EK Duniya an EK awaaz (Edaa) – an audio and knowledge exchange portal for Community Radio practitioner in South Asia- ‘Radio Kotagiri’ was started by Keystone Foundation to empower the people, particularly the tribal communities, to improve the social, environmental and economic status of the indigenous communities of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve by enabling them to find their own voice via the medium of Community Radio.

Radio Kotagiri Update

Radio Kotagiri is a well functioning Community Radio Station that is managed by members of the community at all levels from content creation to production to broadcasting to day to day running of the radio Station. The radio programs attempt to bring to light people from within the community (such as village elders, organic farmers, healer etc.)  so that the relevance to and acceptance by the people is maximum. Unlike the written medium, radio programs can be in any dialect and therefore reaches the full diversity of audience. The content usually focuses on Conservation of Biodiversity and Nature, Tribal Culture and Arts, Community Development including Government Programs/Schemes etc., Climate Change Awareness, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Livelihood options for indigenous people, Youth Development including Education Counseling, Health related information, Environmental issues and Organic Agriculture, Market Price Information etc.

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