Old Age Home by Shantimalai Handicrafts Development Society

Do you want to buy products that make you feel good and appeal to your tastes? Products which are not made up of materials harmful to the environment? Shanthimalai Handicrafts is a charitable non- profit organization manufacturing and selling a wide range of eco-friendly handicraft products, clothing, soft toys and tie and dye and batik products. These are designed and created by over 300 women artisans. They offer help to villagers in the Tiruvannamalai district in India. It allows women to work close to their homes.

Old Age Home 4

These products are made with materials like palm leaves, peepal leaves, handmade paper etc. It aims to satisfy customers with its aesthetics, functionality, design and quality. At the same time it also does its bit for the society by working towards empowering women and striving to make the world a greener place.

The Shanthimalai Handicrafts Development Society addresses two important issues, one being women’s welfare and empowerment, and the other being environmental concern. It also protects Indian culture and traditions by employing them in its products. Known for its reasonable pricing, materials used and quality it has steadfastly built a loyal customer base in countries like Switzerland, Israel, USA, France and Italy!

Check out how through their old age home they are changing lives of the village women and being An Agent For Change.

DSC00004           4 (2)

Over the years, the government has launched various schemes and policies for older persons. These schemes and policies are meant to promote the health, well-being and independence of senior citizens around the country. The central government came out with the National Policy for Older Persons in 1999 to promote the health and welfare of senior citizens in India. This policy aims to encourage individuals to make provision for their own as well as their spouse’s old age. Shanthimalai, a member of FTF-I, working in Tamil Nadu detected problem of large number of windows and destitute women in the area. The windows face challenging situations, especially as they grow old.

Old Age Home 1               Old Age Home 2

Shanthimalai offers them basic training programs in handicraft works, so that they can become financially independent. They try to restore every widow’s self-respect and self-confidence as an independent parent, taking care of her children and providing help for married in emergency situations.

Old Age Home 3            Old Age Home

There is free medical treatment in the hospital of Shantimalai, along with lodging, food and medical assistance for widows in need. The old age home has 27 beds and a large garden, which provides good biological vegetables. These women also help in making the products.


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