SETU providing sustainable growth and opportunities through Fair Trade practices

SETU a Fair Trade organisation, based in Jaipur, Rajasthan is a marketing organisation which works for the welfare and development of artisans. SETU which means ‘bridge’ in Sanskrit, is working as a medium/channel to connect artisans with the consumers.
SETU works to empower the social and economic standing of underprivileged & marginalized artisans by providing them sustainable growth opportunities through Fair Trade practices. SETU took up the role of bridging the gap and provide them with the necessary resources to produce functional goods using their traditional art. SETU helps in promoting these products in international markets as a means to achieve economic and social development for these communities.


Other than helping artisans to market products, SETU is actively involved in community development activities. It regularly monitors its organisational functions to work for the socio-economic, cultural and environmental development of the people and the region. One of the dire needs of today is saving water, thereby protecting the underground water levels, which is very important for a region like Rajasthan where there is high scarcity of water. Looking at this need, SETU began a ‘Million Litre Water Saving Project in Barmer region of Rajastathan.

Water is the essence of life which has been one of the most important agenda for GOI as well as various civil society organizations. SETU, a Fair Trade marketing organization based in Jaipur, assessed the need for an intervention to solve the water crunch problem. SETU, works with artisans engaged in block printing. During printing of the fabrics, ample quantity of water is being used & wasted depending upon the volumes. This is wastage of precious natural resources, especially in desert area, where clean water is accessible only after 2-10 kilometers. SETU in 2012, developed custom machinery, especially suitable for the needs of the community which fits in a reasonable budget. The plant was installed in the first week of August 2012 at Barmer. The filtered water is being used for fabric processing & the results have been quite encouraging. No deterioration water in any property of dyed fabric was observed. It was custom made by one Ahmadabad based company, Excel Product System. After chemical analysis of water, they had suggested optimum filtration media suitable for that water. Direct beneficiaries include one group of 35 artisans and indirectly one village. SETU is expecting to save a minimum of 5 million liters of water per annum. In addition to that it will save costs & land pollution.

SETU will be pleased to support other Fair Trade Organisations by providing all the necessary technical information at best of their knowledge.

For people, planet and positive environment, SETU ensures Fair and Respectful Relationships, Economic Empowerment of the artisans, Community Development and conservation, preservation and restoration of the environment.For monitoring the growth of the organisation and the artisans as per the ten principles of Fair Trade, SETU has devised a set of guidelines which focus on- Fair Wages, Safe Workplace, Good Health Facilities, Ideal Working Hours, No Child labour, Education, No Gender Bias, Preserving the culture & traditional skills of the artisans, Environmental friendly process, Self sustainability, Social upliftment (Backward/Marginalized/special need persons), Capacity increase  in last 3 yrs, Product sustainability and Nature of Organisation. For each guiding point there are indicators. He gave an example by explaining a matrix which presented the growth of SETU calculated under each of the guiding points. For each set of guidelines, there is a rating system upto four. A group must secure min 50 points (including bonus points). This system has been effective in measuring the overall growth of the organisation and coming out with practical solutions wherever necessary. SETU has been implementing this system since 2012.

Few products from SETU

setu 1      SETU



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