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Kadam Haat at Nature Bazaar, Bangalore

Kadam Haat participated in the Eleventh Edition of the Bangalore Nature Bazaar 2015 held at Dastkar from 07th August to 16th August, 2015 from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm, at Manpho Convention Ground. The exhibition helped in bringing together more than 100 craft groups from 20 states across India, which included small producers groups who showcased their products. In the exhibition a wide range of products of lifestyle accessories, striking jewellery and adornments, herbal beauty products, metal crafts, carved furniture, traditional paintings, a block printed textiles and much more were presented at one platform from every corner of the country. Products of Kadam Haat attracted a lot of attention from the buyers.

Lot of visitors visited the exhibition and appreciated the art. A good footfall was noticed which motivated all participants to enroll themselves in such exhibitions.


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