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MESH and Sasha at Oz Haat Mela

MESH and Sasha participated in the OZ Haat Mela which is organized by Australia High Commission, on 28th November, 2015 at the lawns of the commission, New Delhi.

Fabulous locally made products for sale were displayed and sold in the Mela-which all proceed to charity, which included hand pained ceramics, Christmas decorations, textiles, jewellery, pottery, textiles, fashion toys and many other gifting items.
MESH featured a wide range of fabulous products including hand printed textiles and art, fashion, toys, soft furnishings, paper products, homewares, jewellery, handicrafts, Christmas decorations and much more along with many other NGOs.

MESH and Sasha at OZ Haat.jpg

Plenty of fun activities for the kids were also included in the schedule – treasure hunt, magic shows, art corner, art and crafts, glam photoshop, drumming workshop, bouncing castle and more. Gourmet snacks, a classic Aussie BBQ and bar with Australian wine were also on offer.
Running since 2000, this year’s mela saw participation from 48 NGOs from across India. Most of these NGOs are actively working to support the cause of gender equality, women economic empowerment, disability, health and education for all.

Oz Haat is organised by the Australian High Commission, every year, as part of its Direct Aid Program, which provides development grants to NGOs across India. All the proceeds from the sale go directly to charity. The name Oz Haat is a play words of Oz for Australia and Haat being a Hindi term for market place and the idea behind this name is said to be that Australian have a big heart and care for the development in India.


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