Artisan Well organizes job orientated skill training

Artisan Well organized a training program on making leather bag for the marginalized women artisans in rural areas of Kolkata. The session was organized with a dream/expectation that the training and production intervention will go a long way to improve the socio economic quality of life of the women. The income earned will not only supplement family earnings but also facilitate the economic independence and empowerment of the marginalized rural women.

Artisan Well.jpg

The training program will open up employment opportunities for the marginalized women who need to make the transition from poverty to self reliance. The women currently subsist on the income of their husbands, most of who are landless and work in the fish trade in water bodies leased out by local traders.

Artisan Well 2
This initiative has been set up by Artisan Well in collaboration with Tamas Society an NGO working in the locality on social development issues. In a village far from urban localities of Kolkata, both the organizations are running the training programs with a mission to help them in providing job opportunities to these women to resolve their financial crisis.

As a post training initiative, the women who will function as a group enterprise will supply leather products within an order based system.


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