Celebrating Fair Trade Month

SETU-The Bridge to Artisans organized a Fair Trade awareness workshop at a women’s self help group in the slums of Jaipur Rajasthan. The group compromises of women artisans who belongs conservative families are from poor backgrounds. With the income of their husbands it is very difficult for the entire family to survive, because most of them are labourers.

setu Workshop.jpg

SETU, bridging the gap between the work and these women helped them to get organized and conducted vocational training. SETU help them by selling their products in the international market. These women can now make accessories, bags & a wide range of home décor stud from recycled fabrics.

These women work from home so now they can take care of their families and children and do the household chores as well. With the earning obtained from selling the products these women artisans are now able to support their families financially.

Women of these families now contribute a good amount in the family, on the education of their kids and also are able to get respect for in the community.

The objective of Fair Trade Awareness workshop was to create an understanding on different topics among the artisans and to introduce them to the ten basic principles of the Fair Trade movement.


In the workshop major points which were discussed: Fair Trade Principles, Personal and Skill based development of the artisans, Sustainable growth opportunities arising out of Fair Trade, Employment avenues in Fair Trade world. Artisans were made aware about their rights, i.e. getting basic fair wages is the right of every artisans which they should get, fair prices of the products manufactured  by the producers, gender based equality and religion based equality, etc were discussed majorly among the artisans. A total of twenty five women artisans participated in the session.

SETU team put forward the fact that in the western parts of the world, Fair Trade campuses and Fair Trade cities have been established, such concepts need to be done in Asian countries as well for the spread of Fair Trade concept. More and more people should be encouraged to buy Fair trade products this will increase the demand of the products and will generate more employment opportunities to the artisans.

The workshop was ended with an open session by interacting with women artisans where they asked questions and got more awareness.


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