Computer Training Centre for wood carving artisans & their families

SETU-The Bridge to Artisans has started a computer training centre for the wood carving artisans & their families at Qaziwala village, in the premise of a local school. The school authorities understand the need and requirements of the village people and students who wants to study. Understands the importance of computer knowledge, without which a person feels handicapped even if he/she has the expertise of the field.

Therefore, SETU strives to make the artisans & their families computer literate, which will help them to work in this fast moving world and can use the knowledge in exploring new avenues for themselves. School authorities also understand the importance of computer education and have agreed to support and monitor the arrangement of qualified computer teachers and maintain the centres.


For the overall development of the artisan, SETU, in the year 2014 started a computer training project to provide technical education to the artisans and their families. This project has been started with another partner NGO SURE, which is based at Binjrd village of Barmer, Rajasthan. This small region is known for its traditional handicrafts like appliqué and embroidery which is important source of income for the artisan’s families.

Earlier, SETU started a new computer training center at Chohtan village, Barmer District, Rajasthan, from 13th August 2015 and more than 20 new entries have enrolled to learn computer knowledge and gain skills.

This program has been started with an aim to provide technical knowledge among the learners. Learners are also tested on the basis of a practical test and a certification is given, mentioning about their level of qualification in computer knowledge.

These villages are in remote desert areas and people do not get access to basic facilities like clean drinking water, sanitation and shelter. Though it is a major challenge to run Computer training program in such areas but having recognized the need, it has been seen that it is very difficult for these people to focus on education and give extra time to have technical knowledge, so SETU decided to reach their doorsteps. SETU is working with a mission to make these people eligible to apply for jobs and can stand with their head high in this competitive world.

SETU focuses on the overall development of the artisan groups and organizes a wide spectrum of need based development programs on a regular basis. Local people are also ecstatic with the computer centre as now their children can learn computer in the village and they won’t need to send their children to nearby towns.

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