Health and Eye Camp for artisans : SETU

SETU-The Bridge to Artisans organized health and eye camp for its artisans, in association with its partner artisans group Godavari Delta Lace Women’s Cooperative from 18th to 21st September, 2015 at Narsapur village in Andhra Pradesh. A team of expert ophthalmologist was appointed at three different centres in nearby villages of Narsapur, Mallavaramlamka, Dev Meruka and Tirumala Possamm, to make it easier for the people to participate in the camp without having to travel longer distances.

In the first day of the session, eye testing was done and vision correction lenses were prepared for the needy. The spectacles according to the vision were provided to each needy person, free of cost. A total of 210 women artisans and their family members were benefited from the camp.

SETU Eye camp1.jpg

Artisans were very happy and excited to receive an option to select the eye-glass frames of their choices. The camp was a great success.

Crochet weaving is an intricate craft which need a good and acute eye vision. Many of these artisans coming from underprivileged backgrounds practice the art form but ignore their basic health care. SETU recognized the need and importance of educating these artisans about the importance of their eye care and so organized this camp.

SETU Eye camp.jpg

SETU provides marketing platform to these women who make beautiful crochet lace products. The craft form is the primary source of income for these artisans. SETU provides market platform to these artisans by helping them to create products saleable in the global marketplace.


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