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MESH participates in AWA Holiday Mela at American Embassy School

MESH got the opportunity to participate in the AWA Holiday Mela on November 01st, 2015 at the American Embassy School, Chankyapuri, New Delhi.

The AWA Mela directly helps more than 50 NGO’s from Delhi/NCR in its outreach support program. The NGO’s were allowed to display their items like crafts gifts, jewellery, apparel, furniture and plants.

This event also included delicious food across the world and craft and fun activities for the children. This was followed by cultural activities like live band performances to add fun to the program.
To give you a reminder, MESH is an Indian organisation practicing Fair Trade with disabled and leprosy affected crafts artisans, for their rehabilitation. We have shops in New Delhi and Hyderabad and work with disabled artisans from all over India. MESH works with a mission to provide opportunities for disabled and people affected by leprosy to achieve social and economic integration by trading. They works to train disabled people to produce goods, assist in obtaining raw materials, MESH ensures prompt payment for goods to provide constant cash flow and working capital for continued production.


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