Qimpro Gold Standard Award 2015 to Mr Virendra Sam Singh from PPES

Founder of Pardada Pardadi Educational Society, Mr Virendra Sam Singh won the Qimpro Gold Standards Award 2015 in the field of Education on 19th November. Sam in his life has played a major role in changing the future of many girls with his efforts. He has been considered a change maker in the field of education and motivated everyone to support girls’ education.

A television program was broadcasted on Star Plus, “Aaj ki raat hai zindagi” hosted by Bollywood star Mr Amitabh Bachchan on which Mr Sam spoke about PPES unique model for rural empowerment in rural Uttar Pradesh.

Award - tv.jpg

The motivation of everyone at Pardada Pardadi has been boosted to another level and the will to work for the girls and society has been strengthened even more.

Pardada Pardadi family is very glad that the work is being recognized at such great platform.  Mr. Sam and the entire Pardada Pardadi family is overwhelmed with the responses and PPES will always be working with the same determination to empower girls and women to support them in the mission.

PPES: In Hindi, Pardada Pardadi means “great-grandparents.” An integral part of ancient Indian wisdom revolves around family; the value-based knowledge and education a child receives from an invested community is a crucial component of her successful transformation into an adult. With that in mind, the school chose this name because it goes beyond basic education; it teaches girls the values and principles that will help them blossom into more well-rounded individuals in adulthood, much as great-grandparents teach their grandchildren how to be moral and contributing members of society.


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