Supporting Women Education

With an objective of an investment in knowledge and education, SETU-The Bridge to Artisans has started an initiative named “Higher Education Scheme for Girls” to provide quality education. The program is especially designed for women artisans and their daughters to change their lives towards a life full of opportunities and happiness.


Inequalities between men and women and discrimination against women have been age-old issues all over the world. SETU has tried to take a small step to improve the condition of disadvantaged women by educating them. It has been noticed that being girls and living in unfavourable conditions, they are not allowed to get proper educational facilities or have to leave their education to support the family and are thus deprived of their basic rights.

SETU has recognized the need and many girls reached to SETU in search of work. SETU team got to know about their conditions and the girls also informed them about their wish to study further and how they had to leave their education in the middle. They told SETU team about their lives and informed that they have to start working to support the family and have to make a way for their brothers to receive education, which is also one reason that they have to leave their education.

This scheme has been an initiated to provide education to such women and girls. The beneficiaries of the program are the girl children, young women of artisans and workers associated with SETU and are suffering with finances in their life.

SETU team expects that the program will make people aware about the importance of education for females. First batch has already begun and SETU team is very motivated to provide support to these girls coming for education.

Recently SETU has been focusing on some remarkable education related project and recognize the need and importance of education in changing the life of many. SETU tries to take small step towards empowerment of women.


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