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Farewell to Jessica

FTF-I bid farewell to Ms. Jessica Oyarbide who has been working in collaboration with the network for the past eight months as a consultant. Jessica is a Strategic Planner in Advertising from Argentina. She has worked as a volunteer delivering training for entrepreneurs enrolled in micro- finance plans in her country and has developed this tool in order to help them value their role of entrepreneurs while growing their business. Prior to FTF-I, she worked in on Women Empowerment project with a Social Enterprise from Nepal.

She helped FTF-I in its Communication, research and Fair Trade Policy advocacy initiatives and activities. She visited various FTF-I members like Sasha, Art Illuminates Mankind, Mahila Umang, Sadhna, JKSMS and Setu-The Bridge to Artisans,  to understand how Fair Trade works with grassroot artisans in India. She was also instrumental in designing and content development of 15 years Special Edition Annual Report of FTF-I. She has immensely contributed with her knowledge and expertise in writing a working paper on ‘Fair Trade Approach to Social Business’. She also helped the communication team at FTF-I in designing IEC materials and also represented the forum at various public events for networking purposes. She further plans to be in touch with FTF-I and help in creating links of Latin America with Indian Fair Trade suppliers.

Jess fairwell Nov 17, 2015 1.JPG

Jessica also represented FTF-I in ‘India- Latin America and Caribbean Conclave’ organised by CII, New Delhi in the month of October 2015. It was a great opportunity to meet business men from various Latin American countries and explore Fair Trade business avenues for the benefit of FTF-I members. She interacted with many people and explained about Fair Trade and about the FTF-I network. She helped in networking and linking many companies with Fair Trade organisations in India.

FTF-I is extremely proud of her and appreciates her dedication and commitment in working with the network. FTF-I wishes her the best for her life and for all her future endeavours.

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