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Indian Institute of Foreign Trade organises NGO meet to provide interns

Fair Trade Forum – India offers internship opportunities to the students of various backgrounds to make them understand the working of Fair Trade members in India and send them on the field visits to know more about the artisans and producers working at the grassroots level.

Mr OP Yadav and Mr Khitish Pandya attended the NGO meeting organized by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade for the arranging internship for the students. The meeting started with the welcome address by CP (GSD). CP (GSD) acknowledged the efforts made by NGOs towards sensitizing IIFT students in the social issues.

Director of IIFT welcomed the representatives of NGOs by welcoming them in the meeting. He mentioned that IIFT is completing 10 years of its association with NGOs for developing Social Awareness amongst its students. IIFT is one of the very few B-Schools which awards credits to students and evaluate their performance for the NGO attachment.

With objective of the initiative to sensitize the students to focus on the welfare of the under privileged in the society IIFT organized this meeting where OP Yadav and Mr Khitish Pandya represented FTF-I.

Institute solicited the cooperation of the NGOs for the Skill Development of students on various aspects of social engineering with this purpose FTF-I will consider offering internship to student of IIFT.

Director, IIFT, opined that the initiative will encourage the Global Managers of tomorrow to be socially responsible in their future corporate assignments. It was emphasized by Director that IIFT is committed towards the social transformation of the students and thus devotes considerable academic time for NGO activities. It was mentioned that courses on ethics and values are included in the academic curriculum of IIFT to sensitize our students regarding social values.

During the internship period, students will be exposed to the best practices adopted by all Fair Trade Member organizations, our best practices, cherished values, challenges and core activities. This interaction session with various Fair Trade organisations will sensitize the students on the selfless efforts towards the welfare of the underprivileged in the society.

Students will be educated and informed about the projects and a mechanism which will benefit them to understand a new angle for the society.

IIFT also informed that 69 NGO projects submitted by the MBA (IB) 2014-16 batch have been displayed in the library; we are hoping that Fair Trade information will also be presented with a summary about Fair Trade Forum – India brief note on the website as well.

IIFT initiated the Social Awareness Programme in 2005, in which about 2000 students have since been benefitted under the programme. This will be a three weeks programme based on the students’ preferences.

Director also apprised about the Social Initiatives which are taken by IIFT students. It was mentioned that students developed a mobile application for women’s safety named as WISH – Women in Safe Hands. The launch was followed by a Marathon with the theme – Run for Women’s Safety. This session was also attended by Fair Trade Forum – India by Ms Amy and Ms Sadhna.

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