Round Table on Strategic Role of NGOs in CSR Intervention

Fair Trade Forum – India participated in the Round table on Strategic Role of NGOs in CSR Intervention organized by PHD Chamber on 30th July, 2015.

Dr Kiran Bedi, Founder, Navjyoti India Foundation, inaugurated the session on Strategic Role of NGOs in CSR Intervention, where more than 50 NGOs participated. Dr Bedi addressed the round table saying, “Some companies have the understanding and sensitized about Corporate Social Responsibility but most of them are still trying to get in terms with the legislation on CSR in the Companies act 2013.

She congratulated PHD Chamber for their initiative in organizing this Round Table and further directed PHD Chamber to come up with a directory of NGOs working in specific domains, a web portal and next programme in continuity with this Round Table, where Corporate can deliberate upon the problems they are facing in channelizing their CSR funds for sustainable collaboration with NGOs.


In the session Mr Saurabh Sanyal, Secretary General, PHD Chamber, Dr Suresh Goyal, Chairman, CSR Committee, PHD Chamber; Dr. Kiran Bedi, founder Navjyoti India Foundation; Mr. Rohit Gupta, Director, Pustak Mahal; Dr. Jatinder Singh, Sr. Secretary PHD Chamber, Dr. Suresh Goyal, Chairman, CSR Committee, PHD Chamber stated, Competition can never be a win-win situation; its inherent quality is win lose. He urged Corporate and NGOs to synergize and work in perfect harmony with each other and NGOs must act like the conscious of the Corporate and cautioned the Corporate to use the power responsibly.

FTF-I plans to attend such sessions where new contacts can build up and we can work for the betterment of the artisans. FTF-I recognizes the need to be connected with CSR activities and how we can get befits from the private companies. India is a country of myriad contradictions. On the one hand, it has grown to be one of the largest economies in the world on purchasing power parity, but it ranks only 60th out of 148 countries in the World Economic Forum Global Competitive Index. It is still home to the largest number of people living in absolute poverty, deprived of adequate access in the basic needs of life such as health, education, housing, food, security, employment, justice and equity. Issues of sustainable livelihood, social and political participation of the vulnerable group exists as the major problem in the developing nations.


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