Purkal Stree Shakti launches one more shop

Purkal Stree Shakti launched one more store on the 13th of September, 2015 at Dehradun. This shop is in the premises of Hotel White House, a very old and well known hotel in this city. Maj. General S. Sabharwal, General Officer Commanding Dehradun sub-area inaugurated the shop. The glittering function was attended by many dignitaries of Dehradun.

New shop Purkal

The shop is selling many beautiful products such as patchwork and applique quilts, baby quilts, cushion covers, quilted jackets and other useful products. Most of the customers are happy to support the initiative and good treatment of artisans.

Purkal New shop1.jpg

It will also be helpful in spreading Fair Trade message among the people of Dehradun. The location of the shop is in a well-established and popular restaurant, which will be helpful in attracting lot of buyers also.


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