Change Agents !

Meet our Agent For Change: Indu Menon

With an experience of more than 22 years in the field of Health and Population Management, who has worked as an academician,  felt the need to give an impetus to the Kerala Handloom industry, with her daughter Chitra Gopalakrishnan and other like minded people.

Profile_Indu ji.jpg
Indu Menon, Kara Ventures 

Indu Menon started her career in a Handloom Project at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmadabad in 1981.

This project changed her life, when she noticed the dwindling condition of the handloom industry and struggle of artisans for a sustainable livelihood. She started her work, using a simple design and market intervention, while working closely with the government. Since 2007, they are working, to make a simple timeless fabric “thorthu”  go global from  small ‘baby napkins’ to large ‘beach towels’ and financially sustain a large number of weavers through our venture.

She has also co-authored a book titled “Women Weavers” which addressed their perception of the profession.



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