Change Agents !

Our Agent For Change: Irani Sen

Irani Sen.jpg
Irani Sen, Craft Resource Center

With a good school bag and a family background, Irani was dreaming to be a scientist pursuing Physics as a Major when an early arranged marriage brought a sudden end to her dreams. Fifty years ago when social situation was extremely conservative, the bad marriage brought her down the streets.

With nothing but herself- not even her very young son, armed with her self-dignity and many skills in working with both hands, Irani decided to fight all odds and get on her own feet. She began working closely with late Subhashini Kohli, she helped Sarba Shanti Ayog at its initial stage get strong on producer and product base.

Then she moved on and started working as an international consultant to INGOs, BINGOs and FTOs. Her focus has always been helping women to be economically self-sufficient. Her own personal experience taught her that a woman can only have her identity and independence if she is economically self-sufficient. Helping women to produce beautiful handicrafts, to have their own poultry, piggery, kitchen garden to handmade fishing net, she has done it all! During the same period she single handedly fought the court battle for divorce and won it after seven years! She was the first client of Socio Legal Aid Research Aid and Training Centre and she is ever grateful to its Director, Manabendra Mondal.

In the late 80s from an assignment from Swiss Development Corporation, Craft Resource Center was born. An organisation which started from one and a half personnel and two producers, is a totally self sufficient after 26 years today with a turnover of two million dollars. She always believes that a human life needs three basic support- income, health and education and in that order. “If you show the people how to get a secured income you can motivate them to take care of their health and education. I believe that any social change that we wish to bring in must come from the bottom to the top and not the reverse”- signs off Irani.



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