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FTF-I welcoming new Associate Members

We happily welcome our new associate members, Mr Rahul Saridena from Hyderabad and Ms Renu Sharma based in Delhi.

Rahul Saridena has been actively involved in various activities related to marketing and sales for almost fifteen years now. He has dealt with a variety of clientele which makes him a step ahead of others in understanding the clients’ specific needs and suggest a quick and a sustainable sales & marketing strategies. He believes that perseverance & versatility while working with the right attitude will win over most of the sales objectives.

Mallikarjuna Iytha, President, FTF-I, Ms Meenu Chopra, ED, FTF-I welcoming new Associate Member, Mr Rahul Saridena

“I am looking for a very challenging & rewarding responsibility where I can utilize all my honed-up skills acquired in my previous assignments to the optimum and to successfully catalyze to the growth to any organization. Want to be a leader responsible for a successful team. And expecting a responsible position in the organization, FTF-I,” said Rahul in his visit to FTF-I.

Ms Renu Sharma is self-made, enthusiastic women, who hails from a middle class family, is shining like a diamond in the social business. In 1980s, when it was very rare to see women entrepreneurs, her never ending efforts made her the first women to start her business of running an Offset Printing Press.

Sadhna welcoming Renu Sharma
Ms Sadhna Arya, Program Manager, FTF-I, welcoming new Associate Member Ms Renu Sharma


FTF-I welcomes her and will always look forward for a long term strong relationship in terms of knowledge and skill sharing.

“Our government policies and mission should start in villages, rather in cities only, this effort will help to stop migration at village level. We should focus on the skills of those people rather converting them into labour. I always work to promote and support women, and am happy to be a part of FTF-I family,” she says to Ms Sadhna, Program Manager, FTF-I. She is the first women to start Khadi Venture, with a mission to promote indigenous people.


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