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Spreading the words: Fashion Revolution Week

Our members across India celebrated the day with their artisans, have a look at the pictures that came from all over India. Creative Handicrafts, Calcutta Rescue, Craft Resource Center, Eco TasarTARA Projects, The Ants Pvt Ltd, Upasana Design Studio etc.

Creative Handicrafts.jpg
Creative Handicrafts, Maharashtra
Eco Tasar.jpg
Eco Tasar Silk Pvt Ltd, Delhi
TARA Projects, Delhi


The Ants 1.jpg
The Ants Crafts Pvt Ltd, Karnataka


I made your clothes 1.jpg
Upasana Design Studio, Chennai

Sasha organized an exciting fashion show with its artisans at the Sasha shop.

Sasha Fashion show.jpg
Sasha, Kolkata 

On 24 April 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We believe that’s too many people to lose on one day. As a mark of respect to the artisans, we celebrate this day.

With a purpose to spread awareness about Fair Trade among youth and to help them becoming conscious consumer, a small event was organised by FTF-I at F-Tec Skill Development on 23 April, 2016. Students of F-Tec were informed about the Ten Principles of Fair Trade and were briefed about the movement and how their every purchase makes a difference in someone’s life was elaborated by our Program Manager, Ms Sadhna Arya.

Picture for post.jpg

It was a good information sharing event with students, all students were very curious to know about Fair Trade and few of them expressed interest in establishing a long term association with Fair Trade. These students come from various backgrounds and experiences from marginalised section of society.

Photo to be uploaded.jpg

“I never thought who makes my clothes, or what is being paid to the artisan who is behind the product. It was an eye opening session for me”, a student said.


Team leader Ms Rekha along with her team like Mr Miraj, Mr Vinod, Ms Shivangi and all students, very well cooperated with us and happily invited Fair Trade Forum-India to be a part of their events, so that students can become more conscious.

Fair Trade Forum- India in collaboration with Foresight Society of Human Resources and Development celebrated Fashion Revolution Week.

Team from Foresight Society for Human Resource Development

We would like to say thanks to FS-HRD team for their keen interest, time and participation in the event. It was a great informative session with the team of FS-HRD.


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