Eye Camp for the jewellery making artisans: SETU

Delhi: SETU Society organised a three day long free eye check up camp for the jewellery making artisans of Ana Art group, based in New Delhi. The group is engaged in making Brass jewellery and is associated with SETU for the past many years. SETU is based in Rajasthan.

SETU Artisans.jpg

As we are aware that jewellery making leaves lot of stress on eyes and can cause eyes defects. Regular eye checkups helps the artisans work in a better way.

SETU-Eye camp1.jpg

Keeping the fact in mind, the head of Ana Art group requested SETU to organize such camp for the betterment of the artisans. Expert ophthalmologists were appointed for the camp. On the first day of camp, eye specialists carried out routine eye checkups for the artisans, the second and third day were devoted to the people with serious eye ailments and distributing eye glasses to the artisans with low eye vision.

SETU-Eye camp.jpg

More than 238 artisans received free eye checkup and 214 were distributed eye glasses in this three day long camp.


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