FTF-I exploring new avenues of partnership with Women on Wings 

Delhi: FTF-I organized a meeting with Mr Ronald from Women on Wings, to explore the possibilities of working together and establishing a partnership with FTF-I members.

FTF-I and Women on Wings principally agreed to each other to organize capacity building workshops for our members.

Women on Wings, aims to co-create one million jobs for women in rural India. They provide business consultancy to Indian social entrepreneurs that create employment for women in rural India. They have 15+ years of experience in marketing, finance, product development, production, retail, food and supply chain management.

Women on Wings.1.jpg

Both the members decided to create an impactful program for the members.  A brainstorming session was organized to chart out a plan for the pilot phase of the program, within a few months. FTF-I will be short listing the 10 organisations for this phase based on WOW partnership criteria. Wow will directly be engaged with these organizations keeping FTF-I in the loop.

The major challenges that the entrepreneurs face while running their enterprises, were shared by the participants.

Mallikarjuna Iytha, President, FTF-I, suggested that “We need to focus on Leadership aspects, disruptive Innovation as a tool to create market place and Marketing Strategy. Our interventions should be based on opportunities rather than challenges.”

Women on Wings

While exploring the possibilities of working together, FTF-I will try to create an impactful program for the members with some tangible results. The meeting was held on 26th May in Delhi. The members who participated are TARA, Pushpanjalai Fair Trade (Pvt) Ltd, The Ants, the Child Trust, Eco Tasar Silk Pvt Ltd, JKSMS and associate member Ms Renu Sharma.

With the theme of this year, we encourage all supporters, buyers and consumers of Fair Trade to form a human chain. This is our day to highlight Fair Trade as a tangible contribution in eradicating poverty and trade injustices, and as a tool for economic empowerment of the marginalised.

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