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World Fair Trade Celebrations 2016

The Fair Trade Day is not only for fair traders. It is for everyone who believes in positive change through Fair Trade. We celebrate the World Fair Trade Day with all ‘Agents For Change’.

Message from Rudi Dalvai, President, WFTO

Rudi Dalvai
Rudi Dalvai, President, WFTO

 “The concept of Fair Trade and its principles create an enabling environment especially for those who have less power in the trading game. With more producers, workers, and their families empowered through Fair Trade, positive change is more achievable. On World Fair Trade Day, we go out and celebrate Fair Trade through a human chain to show the people who are working for change, our Agents for Change. You, as a supporter, buyer and consumer of Fair Trade, are also an Agent for Change. So join us and be one with us!”

Fairness rules the world on World Fair Trade Day-India leads the way

The World Fair Trade Day is an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) and Fair Trade Networks that takes place in the month of May, each year. All Fair Traders and Fair Trade Networks like Fair Trade Forum – India get united and celebrate the day with their artisans and producers. Fair Trade has been proved to be a sustainable solution for the vulnerable populations to fight against exploitation, economic crisis and spread awareness. According to World Fair Trade Organisation, the day was created as a way to celebrate “a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty and exploitation, climate change and the economic crises that has the greatest impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations.” Fair Trade helps the unguarded section of the society against the global crisis and provides the disadvantage producers’ work related opportunity. On every second Saturday of May Fair Traders across the globe we celebrate World Fair Trade Day and to show the people who are making a difference, our Agents for Change.

Human Chains For Change, Be An Agent For Change!

In India, members of Fair Trade Forum –India celebrated World Fair Trade Day by forming Human Chains at different places. FTF-I along with its members launched Social Media campaign by forming Human Chains. With the theme of this year, we encourage all supporters, buyers and consumers of Fair Trade to form a human chain. This is our day to highlight Fair Trade as a tangible contribution in eradicating poverty and trade injustices, and as a tool for economic empowerment of the marginalised.

With the theme of this year, we encourage all supporters, buyers and consumers of Fair Trade to form a human chain. This is our day to highlight Fair Trade as a tangible contribution in eradicating poverty and trade, injustices, and as a tool for economic empowerment of the marginalised. Generally Fair Traders celebrate the day by inviting customers at the shops, this helps in raising awareness of fair trade shopping in the community. As consumers, every purchase we make is a vote within the market place. These votes influence not only which products we see on shelves but also where those products come from and how they are made. When you choose products from fair trade brands committed to working with small-scale farmers, you create positive change in the lives of many producers.

Chains For Change: Asha Handicrafts

Asha Handicrafts is a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organisation in India. This year they marked the World Fair Trade Day by Joining Hands for Fair Trade. The events were organized at their production centres Agra, Bophal, Jaipur, Moradabad, and Saharanpur and in their office at Mumbai. The event is celebrated every year at the shop and this time it has been covered in the local media as well, this will help in building a connection with the masses and to spread Fair Trade awareness.

Chain for Change 2

Programs across the centres began with a talk by Asha Field staff on Fair Trade values, its benefits, explaining how Fair Trade can bring changes. At the end of the talk, artisans formed a Human Chains and took pledges to be Agents of Change, by protecting the environment and strengthening Fair Trade movement. Slogans on Fair Trade were raised to create more awareness among general public.

Chain for Change 4.jpg

In Agra and Bhopal, the artisans/community members were given 75 saplings that were planted in select areas in their communities. In all more than 350 artisans and Asha staff joined hands and celebrated the World Fair Trade Day.

Human Chain and awareness by TARA Projects

TARA Projects celebrated World Fair Trade Day with the artisans and team of TARA. Ten principles of Fair Trade were discussed among the groups. The program started with a welcome note from Ms Moon Sharma sharing her thoughts with the participants and briefed them about World Fair Trade Day and the idea of Human Chain. She urged the participants to act as Agents of Change in their own capacity. She stressed upon the history of Fair Trade and its relevance in today’s world. She also explained what human chain is and how each person individually can act as a catalyst in strengthening the Fair Trade movement and protecting our planet. This was followed by a group activity based discussion on various aspects of Fair Trade and its role as a catalyst of change.

TARA Projects-Delhi-FTF-I (3).JPG

TARA team came together to form Human Chains as symbol of Unity and Solidarity in our thoughts and actions. The event at TARA was attended by staff members, producers, Government officials, volunteers and social workers. The main event was followed by celebrations in producer groups at Badarpur, Bawana-Delhi, Pataudi-Haryana and Agra, Moradabad, Sambhal – Uttar Pradesh. More than 550 people associated with TARA participated in the celebrations.

TARA Projects-Delhi-FTF-I (1).JPG

Ms Alka, Director, Department of Social Welfare, Government of Delhi informed the participants on the importance of Fair Trade. She organized all participants into ten small groups to discuss and explain Ten Principles of Fair Trade in innovative way, by relating them with their daily life.

TARA Projects-Delhi-FTF-I (4).jpg

The group members shared innovative ways for environment protection. These activities helped the participants to refresh and improve their understanding about the principles and need to implement those on regular basis.

Agents For Change: Conserve India

Conserve India with its artisans at Bhadurgarh, celebrated the World Fair Trade Day by joining hands, and forming Human Chains.

World Fair Trade Day.png

It is an inclusive worldwide festival of events celebrating Fair Trade as a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty and exploitation, climate change and the economic crises that has the greatest impact on the world’s most vulnerable populations. Trade must benefit the most vulnerable and deliver sustainable livelihoods by developing opportunities for small and disadvantaged producers.

 Celebrations at Craft Resource Centre

More than 80 participants from Craft Resource Center, comprising of partner-artisans and employees of Fair Trade Organisation, assembled in the Dhakuria Lakes area of Kolkata, formed Human Chain and spoke about the significance of Fair Trade. Fair Trade to fight poverty and exploitation, combat climate change and curb economic crises were among the topics of discussion. Growing popularity of Fair Trade with a promise to strive for generating sustainable livelihoods for the small and medium producers came to the forefront of conversation.

World Fair Trade Day.jpg

Artisans- Agents for Change shared their inspiring stories. They spoke about their journey through troubled times to now still waters when they have steady income. A couple of them chose poetry as a medium of expression. As Agents for Change, they recited deep poems with a message on the power of positive change!

The participants included the artisans from CRC and Sarva Shanti Ayog, representatives of Madhya KalikataShilpangan (MKS).

Celebrations at Equitable Marketing Association

EMA celebrated World Fair Trade Day on 21st May 2016, by organizing a small Programme at office premises that included a brief lecture & open discussion on Fair Trade.


All the staffs, Producers and Artisans has participated cordially and organized a human chain to celebrate World Fair Trade Day this year. With the formation of Human Chain, EMA encouraged the participants to become agents for change.

 Inauguration of a café and World Fair Trade Day Celebrations at SASHA

Sasha celebrated the World Fair Trade Day with their producers and customers by forming Human Chains in solidarity with Fair Trade at Dhakuria Lake, Kolkata with Craft Resource Centre as well as at the Dastkar Nature Bazaar, Andheria Mod, New Delhi.

On the accession of World Fair Trade Day, Sasha inaugurated a little café at the Sasha Store. It’s a place for an unhurried cup of coffee while browsing at variety of quality handcrafted lifestyle products. As you know, Sasha store has a collection of beautiful and affordable traditional and contemporary crafts, so this place is a must visit.

Sasha World Fair Trade Day.1

Sasha World Fair Trade Day.2
Check out the album from Sasha

Highlighting the work of producers, Sasha invited everyone in an exhibition on the theme “Black & White” at Sasha store. The exhibition was inaugurated on 14th May and welcomed the guests till 28th May, 2016. These little activities help in bringing a positive change in livelihoods of producers in attitudes of consumers, in trade policies, in the approach of business and retailers.

A different way of celebrating World Fair Trade at Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark International Exports celebrated World Fair Trade Day in a different manner by showing more responsibility towards environment, workers used less motorbikes and to meet this demand Noah’s Ark distributed 40 bicycles to these workers.

Noah's Ark-FTF-I (1)

Noah's Ark-FTF-I (2)
Artisans carrying the products with less use of energy and chemical

Celebrations at Pushpanjali Fair Trade (Pvt) Ltd

Pushpanjali Fair Trade Pvt Ltd, based in Agra celebrated the day by forming Human Chains with its team. Pushpanjali works with a mission to provide sustainable livelihood to marginalized and disadvantaged people to help them in living a decent life.

Pushpanjali Fair Trade (Pvt) Ltd.jpg

Celebrations at Maroma

Maroma, based in Auroville, celebrated the World Fair Trade day with its artisans. Maroma, believes in doing business not ‘as usual’, but with an increasing awareness and sensitivity towards the local and global environment, and towards the needs of Auroville.


Artisans of Maorma, creates beautiful gift sets, home fragrances, body care home, candles and bamboo charcoal.

MESH celebrations with various producer groups

Our member, MESH- Maximising Employment to Serve the Handicapped celebrated World Fair Trade Day with its different producer groups across India.

MESH-Delhi-FTF-I (5)
Click here to see the Agents For Change : MESH

MESH organized World Fair Trade Day by forming Human Chains at producer groups and artisans based in different locations like Bharat Mata Kusht Ashram, Khadim Handicraft Artisans, Kiran Society, Little Flower K. & V Leprosy Rehab Center and from MESH store based in Delhi. They all became part of the Human Chain for Fair Trade and Planet.

Celebrations at Mereville Trust

Our member, Mereville Trust, based in Auroville, celebrated World Fair Trade Day by forming Human Chains.

Mereville Trust-FTF-I.png

Mereville manufactures Incense, Essential Oils, Candles, Soaps/Shampoos, Gifts items.

Mereville is also a member of WFTO.

SETU with the artisans groups

On the occasion of World Fair Trade Day, SETU-The Bridge To The Artisans conducted Fair Trade awareness talks with five of their artisan groups at different places of India. SETU celebrated this day with them as “Artisan Empowerment Day”. All artisans have shared their success story & achievements within their group.



SETU makes a difference in the lives of several people, it helps women getting education, help their children to go to school, getting healthcare, improving their houses, getting skill trainings. There are many great success stories.

Human Chains with the artisans: SKVIS

Sundarban Khadi Village Industrial Society (SKVIS) celebrated World Fair Trade Day with its women artisans by organizing an awareness rally at Basanti area of South West Bengal. More than 350 women participated in the program.


SKVIS focuses on traditional textile industries such as weaving, batik, blockprint, screenprint, and dying. These techniques are applied to create cotton and silk scarves, wraps, sarongs, wall-hangings, and also tailored garments.

Godavari Delta with the elder groups

Our member based in Andhra Pradesh, Godavari Delta Women Lace Artisans Co operative Cottage Industrial Society Ltd invited elder people from the locality at its premises and conducted a rally by forming Human Chains for World Fair Trade Day 2016.

Godavari Delta-4-FTF-I

Community members were invited to look at the place of working, as a way to raise community awareness for the work created by artisans.

Celebrations at Madhya Kalikata Shilpangan (MKS)

Madhya Kalikata Shilpangan (MKS) celebrated World Fair Trade Day on 24th May, 2016, with all artisans and staff gathered together holding each other’s hand and formed Human Chain.



Artisans enjoyed snacks and tea in the evening. Fair Trade is the mean by which we are creating new opportunities for disadvantaged artisans for Better Livelihood. A lecture was delivered on Fair Business by Mithuji.

Celebrations at SABALA

Women of SABALA celebrated World Fair Trade Day at SABALA Campus, Vijayapura.Fair Trade empowers the underprivileged section of the world and gives everyone the chance at a sustainable livelihood that they might not get otherwise.



Celebrations at Silence

SILENCE, based in Kolkata celebrated the World Fair Trade Day with its artisans on 14 May, 2016.


Silence is a WFTO and FTF-I member. Silence believes that the differently-able should be treated with respect and not with sympathy; given a proper foundation each one can lead a decent life with dignity and respect.

Baladarshan with its artisans

Our member, based in Chennai, Baladarshan, celebrated World Fair Trade Day with its artisans by forming Human Chains carrying the products they made. Artisans happily joined hands to show the solidarity of the work they are doing.

Human Chain at Baladarshan

Human Chain at Navasarjan (Baladarshan) (3)

Baladarshan is a network of South Indian organizations helping marginalised women by providing them work opportunities through crafts/food production. The organization was originally founded by social workers to provide the work and income for discriminated women and their children in Chennai slum area. Today the organization has grown into thriving network producing quality Fair Trade products. Created to promote and market, quality handicrafts made by disadvantaged people, trained and employed by Social Organizations in South India.

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