Executive Council Meeting, May, 2016

Delhi: Executive Council Meeting was held on 26th May, 2016 at Eco Tasar Silk Pvt Ltd, KishanGarh, Delhi attended by Mr Mallikarjuna Iytha, President, Mr Pradeep Krishanappa, Vice President, Mr Kamal Kishore, Treasurer, Mr Kshitij Pandya, Board Member, Ms Meenu Chopra, Executive Director, Ms Sadhna Arya, Program Manager alongwith members connected with a conference call, Ms Sudeshna MitraWoodhatch, Secretary, Mr Ranvir Sisodia, Jt. Secretary and Dr. K. Panchaksharam, Board Member. Though, on a very short notice it was decided but was quite useful, where many important decisions are being taken up.

An update about WFTO Biennial Conference was also being shared, which will be happening in November, 2017. FTF-I is co-hosting this event. Membership status was shared with the board in detail. The work for the upcoming National Convention & Annual General Meeting has been started, which will be held in the month of September.


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