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Close to the Nature with Sampoorn Sante

Karnataka: Our members Aagor Daagra Afad, Maya Organic and Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra participated in ‘Sampoorn Sante’s ‘Back to Nature’ exhibition cum sale at Karnataka from 16th to 26th June, 2016 and presented their mesmerised crafts and skilled designs.

Working with the women weavers of Bodo Tribe in the district of Chirang of Assam, Aagor prepared several designs and mesmerized the buyers in Sampooran exhibition. Aagor Dagra Afad is a women weavers organization in Assam that uses the rich weaving tradition of the tribal communities like Bodo, to make contemporary products like garments, upholstery etc. Using traditional weaving designs, they create some beautiful stuff like garments, cushions, table throws, bags, stoles, scarves and desk accessories. Making easy life for women, it allows them to work from home as well.

Aagor Dagra.jpg

Our member Maya Organic, based in Bangalore, India, represented various products with multiple designs, at the exhibition. Maya Organic is a member of World Fair Trade Organisation. Currently Maya Organic is working with the artisan community in Channapatna – a small town near the city of Bangalore in India. In addition to supporting existing artisans with contemporary design/product development support and consistent orders, the initiative has also been training several new artisans, particularly women into the handicraft cluster in order to revive the cluster with an infusion of fresh skills, designs and markets and supporting the artisans to build viable micro entrepreneurial alternatives.

Maya Organic.PNG

Representing the wide variety of embroidery, mirror work, Karnataka Kasuti, stone sculpture, wood carving, cane and bamboo products, Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra grabbed the attention of the visitors and buyers.

Sandur Kushala Kala Kendra, based in Karantaka provides the best infrastructure and marketing support to ensure a consistent demand for the products produced by the carfts people and tribal. The mirror and embroidery work and Karnataka Kasuti is organized in work sheds located in the village surroundings, making it easier for women to work close to their homes. Artisans enjoy the decision making powers and it is the crafts person representatives who attend various price determining and sales meetings.


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