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Welcoming New Member

Fair Trade Forum- India happily welcomes its new member Amar Kutir Society For Rural Development, from West Bengal.

Amar Kutir Society For Rural Development

The organization was established in the year 1978, headed by Dr. Prasanta Kumar Ghosh, is a society, led by an executive board and board members, elected every three years. Amar Kutir Society for Rural Development (AKSRD) was established, dreaming of an organization capable for rural development as envisaged by Rabindranath Tagore in his experiments in rural development at Sriniketan. The society, since its inception, has been organising training and production of traditional handicrafts products of the district and now supports more than 1000 artisans with its 80 permanent staff. It caters to the rural artisans of handicrafts from 50 communities mainly from the Birbhum district, West Bengal, India.

Amar Kutir.1.jpg

The main production line is leather products, done in the leather workshop on the campus with 55 employees, manufacturing two types of leather to a wide range of products including colour. A smaller unit does textiles printing and batik. The product of the organization included lac-ware, cane and bamboo, woodwork, terra cotta, dokra, sola pith, batik, and kantha stich.

Amar Kutir.cotton.PNG

Continuously upgrading skills, led to design development and extend market opportunities. SHGs engaged in crafts production in leather, kantha stitch, and batik print involving some 450 crafts persons are now working with AKSRD for further increasing production capacity and sales. Society is committed to development of craftsmen in the district through conducting training programme for skill up gradation, design development and marketing. Its annual turnover is around Rs. 4 core. Presently the society is engaged in skill building of the artisans of batik print.

Amar Kutir is committed in encouraging craftsperson of the local area to upgrade their skills by organizing training programme, design development and marketing to enhance the economic capacity of it s members. Self-Help groups for crafts production in leather, kantha stitch and batik involves a large number of craftsperson.

The producers or suppliers all come from rural areas and have very limited income sources, so organisation is providing employment to a large masses. For the last 40 years it is engaged in the development of local handicrafts and artisans. It is solely oriented to the development of handicrafts and artisans.


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