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Art Illuminates Mankind (AIM): Changing the life of many artisans

Art Illuminates Mankind, a member of Fair Trade Forum India is working for the underprivileged section of the society in West Bengal, with a vision to provide them sustainable growth and development. The group is working to make common people aware about their art and culture and helping them utilise their skills. AIM was formed in the year 2003, by like-minded social activists, with their vision to a sustainable social development of the poor and underprivileged section.

The image is from Boner Haat, a weekly fair for handcrafted products in Bolpur

With the efforts of AIM, these artisans were provided skill trainings under their livelihood program to make them learn new skills and try using in the products they make. AIM is focusing on their skills to help them become self dependent and earn while learning. Today, they are confident entrepreneurs practicing their crafts and sell their handmade products in various haats, weekly markets and fairs. AIM works with the marginalised section of the society to safeguard their rights and to protect them from the sufferings caused by deprivation and exploitation by bringing them into limelight through various required social interventions.

We feel proud when we see such success stories from the villages which lacks of basic facilities is visible and people are migrating to get work. With the efforts of our members at the grass root level these people are learning ways to get a sustainable life, now they are able to use their skills and enroll their children in school, rather involving them into laborer activities.


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