Kadam Haat came one more step ahead to help the artisans

Kadam Haat is bringing the artisans’ one step closer to their dreams and helping them in arranging a sustainable livelihood. Kadam has joined hands with the ‘impactguru’ and is ‘crowdfunding’ for the marginalized artisans. If you want to contribute your share which will help in bringing change in the life of the artisans and want to see a changed world for them , please get in touch with ‘Kadam’ to mark the difference.

Kadam was founded in April 2006 to tackle symptoms of poverty in rural areas, mainly the migration of unskilled youth to urban cities which lead to unemployment and poverty due to lack of skills. Kadam empowers the village communities- women & youth- by improving their skill level and thus self-employment/livelihood options mostly via handicrafts – the skill mostly all of them inherit.

Kadam India.jpg

Kadam sees the need of thousands of artisans who have been making products in West Bengal with their age old traditional methods and lacks the relevance in present day scenario.

Kadam India.1.JPG

With the purpose and aim to stop migration and provide sustainable solution to these artisans, Kadam designed skills and product development training on various crafts for the artisans. Kadam has been regularly organizing the workshops on different skills, so that no artisan remains unemployed due to the lack of advanced skills in designing and knowledge.

Kadam covers the regions of Bankura, East Midnapore, West Midnapore and all in West Bengal. The hand holding of Kadam is helping hundreds of artisans to stand on their own feet and live a dignified life.

It is to be reminded, if you want to help the artisans, get in touch with Team Kadam for their great step towards the betterment of artisans in rural areas.


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