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Last Forest displayed their food products in Gourmet Bazaar, Coimbatore

Last Forest Enterprises participated in the first of its kind food based exhibition at the second edition of the exclusive Gourmet Bazaar in Coimbatore last week. This event was a first of its kind food based exhibition encompassing all types of specialty and fine foods with a focus on hand made and home made products, or in some cases, food produced in smaller quantities by special cafeterias and small businesses, organically or consciously grown.

Last Forest.1.jpg

Last Forest.jpg

Along with the six varieties of flagship honey, Last Forest took the entire range of food products of millets, spices, herbs, organic grains and pulses, jams, pickles, and many more. Last Forest received a very positive feedback from all who walked up to the stall. They also introduced all their newly packaged products which were very enthusiastically received by customers. They have made new connections, found new suppliers, and spread goodwill. Last Forest is a member of World Fair Trade Organisations and Fair Trade Forum India.

Last Forest is pleased to share its Annual Report with all of us. Kindly click on the link to know more about the wonderful activities from the hills of Nilgiri.


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