Make a difference in someone’s life: Sponsor a child

With the strong belief of Creative Handicrafts that the only way forward for the next generation to get out of the spirals of poverty and social exclusion is through the education of the children of artisans.

With a purpose to eradicate poverty and support the education of children of artisans working with Creative handicrafts, they run a Sponsorship Program to support and help these kids.

Creative Handicrafts invites you to sponsor a child and make the difference in someone’s life. If you wish to sponsor a child, you can send a mail with your details on

Creative Handicrafts

Creative Handicrafts, based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, works with a mission to involve women living in slums and economically vulnerable, in the self employment activities of producing and selling textile based crafts. Creative Handicrafts is a Mumbai based Fair Trade Organization founded in 1984.

Creative Handicrafts is a member of World Fair Trade Organisations (WFTO) and Fair Trade Forum India (FTFI) and produces handicrafts for national and international fair trade markets.


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