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Sahaj organized a training session for its women artisans

Sahaj, our member organization based in Gujarat, organised a training session for its women with a purpose to upgrade and refine their skills. Sahaj understand the need of training which is the key to skill development and skill upgradation for the quality products.

At Sahaj, training is a regular activity for the new artisans as well as it helps in refining the skills of existing women artisans. Skills and training takes the artisans a step ahead in the fast changing market scenario. Sahaj believes, if artisans are provided quality trainings from time to time, they will able to produce best quality products which help them match their products with the present day market demands.

Sahaj Women-Skill training workshop.jpg

A skill development training session for its 25 women artisans from different villages was organized on 19th July at Sahaj campus. Here we would like to appreciate the enthusiasm and motivation of these women who took out some time to attend the session in the monsoon season, in which they are mostly busy with their agriculture work.

Sahaj women

Sahaj women artisan-in skill training workshop

Skill building and capacity building plays a key role in Fair Trade organizations. Our members provide good working condition and skill learning opportunities for their artisans, which helps them live a dignified life.

Products of Sahaj.1

Fair Trade Forum India wishes the artisans and member organization a great success for its ongoing sale as well, where they are busy in meeting with new customers and are gearing up to prepare new stock for Sahaj outlet.

Products of Sahaj


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