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Upasana at Pause for a Cause, Bangalore

Upasana Design Studio presented its as usual attractive range of products at Pause for a Cause exhibition from 13 to 15 July, 2016 at Karnataka Chitrakala Parisath, Art Complex, Bangalore, India. From handmade colourful stoles to kurtas and dresses were displayed in the exhibition.

Upasana Design Studio-Pause for a Cause.jpg

Upasana looks at social issues and makes fairly produced products as a space to exercise for change and works towards problem solving. Upasana works on many projects like Kapas- working on organic cotton project with families of Madurai, Small Steps-prepares the compact bags as an alternative to plastic bags, Varanasi Weavers-working with the weaving communities of Varanasi, Tsunamika-a tsunami related project providing livelihood to fisherwomen and Paruthi-working on India’s local organic brand to support India’s organic farming community.

Upasana touches the lifes of farmers, weavers, dyers and countless families through its work in the area of textiles. Upasana designs and patterns connect you with nature and lives of many artisans and farmers. It works with a mission to create conscious sustainable fashion where it takes care of environmental cost and not passing it on to the future.

Upasana is a member of WFTO and FTFI creating the market reach to these products made with love.


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